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Category: 2019

PacBio Sequel-II sequencer

Dear GGBC Users & Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that GGBC now has an operational PacBio Sequel-II sequencer!

Sequel System: high-throughput, cost-effective access to SMRT Sequencing                                                                                          

The Sequel System is based on Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT)
technology and is ideal for rapidly and cost-effectively generating high-quality PacBio whole genome de novo assemblies and full-length transcriptomes.
At GGBC, we provide all Sequel based services, from library prep and sequencing to data analysis.

With a much lower cost per base, the Sequel II system offers the following:

  • Generates ~8-times more data than the original Sequel System  (80Gbp +/- 20%)
  • Provides access to even more highly accurate long reads (HiFi Reads)
  • Reduces project time for faster results
  • Makes sequencing more affordable
  • Supports the range of SMRT Sequencing applications

Webinar: Sequence with Confidence – Introducing the Sequel II System

Best Regards,

The GGBC Team