Acknowledgment and Co-authorship


All work performed by GGBC should be cited using GGBC’s RRID in reports, presentations, posters, papers and other publications. Your acknowledgement is a measure of our facility’s impact and is essential for our funding and continued operation: “GGBC, UG Athens, GA, RRID:SCR_010994”.


For projects where we have developed bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and pipelines, or have participated substantially in either experimental design or intellectual scientific input, we request co-authorship for the contributing GGBC member(s).  Co-authorship decisions are at the discretion of the client and guidelines are available to aid in such determinations, including the ABRF Authorship Guidelines and Parker and Berman, 1998.  If you decided to give a co-authorship to GGBC member(s), they should contribute to the manuscript writing as well. Please feel free to ask them to write and revise the relevant sections.