SYBR Green Fluorometry using the Bio-Tek Synergy LX: plate reader

The Synergy HT plate reader uses fluorescent dyes that emit signals only when bound to the specific target molecules (dsDNA). The sample of interest is added to a mixture of TE and SYBR green, and then read on the plate reader.


  • Please submit 2 uL of each sample with 8uL of TE in each well. The samples should be submitted in a 96-well plate.
  • Please go to the FBS Portal page to submit your order and bring your sample(s) to GGBC. A technician will run your samples and contact you when they are done.
  • The plate reader output will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Please us V-bottom plates, and not round or flat-bottom plates.

Prices and Quotes:

Contact for Financial Inquiries and Quote Requests

Please email Kim and Elizabeth at ggbc@uga.edu, for financial inquiries or to request a quote. Be as specific as possible, so that they can more quickly assist you.

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SYBR Green Fluorometry using the Bio-Tek Synergy HT plate reader

Service DescriptionUGA FeeNon-UGA FeeCommercial Fee
Half plate (1-48 samples)$62.00$73.25$77.50
Full plate (49-96 samples)$69.00$81.50$86.25