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For general inquiries, please contact us at or 706-542-6409.


New projects or support for grant proposals

For a free consultation, contact Dr. Walt Lorenz at

Quotes and Financial Inquiries

  • Quotes can be quickly obtained by using the “Quick Quote” tool.
  • Contact Elizabeth Ashworth or Kim Kelley at for formal quote requests.
  • Financial questions should be directed to Kim Kelley at

Sequencing Technical Inquiries

If you have any technical inquiries related to sample preparation, required concentrations, shipping information, status of your project, or any similar matters, please contact the designated team members below.

Illumina Platforms and Ready-to-run Projects

PacBio Sequel and SMART Libraries

RNA- and sRNA-seq libraries

Microbiome, Amplicon, GBS, Illumina DNA-Seq, and Covaris

Quality-check Services including Bioanalyzer, Fragment Analyzer, NanoDrop, SYBR-green

10X Genomics single cell


Bioinformatics Inquiries

We provide a wide range of bioinformatics analysis services. Please contact the following members to discuss your bioinformatics project.

New project/analysis inquiry and PacBio data analysis

Transcriptome Assembly, RNA-Seq and Small RNA analyses, Bacterial genome assembly:

Data demultiplexing and Microbiome analysis

Single Cell Analysis

New Customers

To become a new customer and request access to our system, please go to the Order section of the GGBC website and click on New Customers. This will allow you to register to be added to our system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kim Kelley,, or Elizabeth Ashworth,


To inquire and/or apply for a GGBC internship, please contact Dr. Walt Lorenz at