Consultation/Support/Data Retention Policy

Project Consultation

Project consultation

The GGBC staff offers consultation on projects based on the information provided by the customer and to the best of the consultant knowledge.

Support on past projects

Support on past projects

The GGBC staff will do everything necessary to answer questions on past projects up to a period of six months. Researchers are strongly encouraged to download and review data as soon as possible once a run is completed and to ask all related questions in a timely manner. After 6 months of delivering the data, GGBC maybe unable to answer questions related to the projects.

Data retention policy

Data retention policy for Illumina sequencing

  1. At the end of your project, MiSeq and NextSeq sequencing data will be made available to you through Illumina BaseSpace (cloud storage) in FASTQ format. An invitation will be sent to you through e-mail, to transfer ownership of your run and project. Please accept this request within 30 days. Customers who utilize this service will have permanent access to their sequencing runs, and access to project results can be shared to collaborators at the owner’s discretion. You can register for an account and access this secure service at Basespace. The email used to share data through BaseSpace will be the address listed in the ‘Download the Data’ space on your order form. Please make sure that this email is the same used to set up your BaseSpace account.
  2. If your order was unable to be demultiplexed on BaseSpace, then we will demultiplex the data locally using the bcl2fastq pipeline. We use F*EX to transfer the data, and you will receive an email with a link to download the fastq files. If you would like to send the data to multiple emails, please specify this in the comments section of your order form.
  3. Alternatively, data can be downloaded onto a hard drive, which can either be provided by the customer or purchased through our facility. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply.
  4. Raw data is backed up and retained (offline) for a period of one year. If raw data must be extracted, additional fees will apply ($200 UGA, $236 Non-UGA, $250 Commercial).


Data retention policy for PacBio sequencing

  1. Primary analysis files will be transferred to customers through the GGBC’s data distribution FEX server. The following files are an example of the primary analysis output files: • *.adapters.fasta • *.scraps.bam.pbi • *.subreads.bam • *.subreadset.xml • *.txt • *.scraps.bam • *.sts.xml • *.subreads.bam.pbi .
  2. The primary analysis files will be permanently deleted from GGBC’s data storage after 6 months from the data transfer date.


Data retention policy for Sanger sequencing and genotyping

  1. Customer may download data directly from their FBS Portal account.
  2. We encourage customer to download their data onto their computer as soon as possible to ensure a copy is available.