Invoicing and Payment Policies

Instructions for Viewing Invoices from GGBC

UGA and Non-UGA Customers

    To see your invoice in GGBC FBS, please follow the instructions below:
        • Invoices can be viewed under the lab group account. The PI, accountant, and other authorized personnel may view the invoices.
        • Select “Invoices” from the tool bar.
        • This will list all invoices prepared for the dates selected. This will also show the status of the invoice. Select the particular invoice you wish to view by clicking on the invoice number.
        • This will open the invoice to give you all the details of the order and its cost.
        • You may download or print the invoice.
        • For more information, email or call 706-542-6409.

Payment Policies

Payment Policies

    • Department Account Numbers: UGA users from any University of Georgia departments and other academic units located on campus may provide us with a valid SpeedType or ChartString. Please note that inter-university transactions are never encumbered. Furthermore, for year-end projects, UGA customers should be aware that only work completed can be invoiced.
    • All UGA account holders must now submit a valid SpeedType or ChartString when placing an order.  The ChartFields within the ChartString must be delimited with periods.
      • The ChartString must include the following Five ChartFields in order: FundCode.Department.ProgramCode.ClassCode.BudgetRef    
      • Optionally, the following three ChartFields (Project.Unit.Activity) as exemplified here, can also be added to the ChartString:          FundCode.Department.ProgramCode.ClassCode.BudgetRef.Project.Unit.Activity
    • Credit Cards: Please follow this link to pay by credit card: click here for payment. You will need your invoice number and total amount to be paid to proceed forward.
    • Purchase Orders: When paying by purchase order, the P.O. must identify the service order # (this number is obtained when the order is created in the GGBC ordering system), work requested, amount, and validity period. Fax the P.O. to (706) 542-6414 or email the P.O. to A copy of the P.O. must be received before the order is processed.
    • Payment: Please remit your payment to:

University of Georgia/ Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core
147 Coverdell Center
500 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602
To pay by credit card: click here for payment. 

Payment due date and late notices: Payment is net due on receipt from the invoice date. Once an invoice has been outstanding for 15 days or more, the follow up process will begin. The follow up process will go as follows:

      1. GGBC Accounting Office will issue the second invoice at the 60 day outstanding marker via mail, e-mail or fax. GGBC Accounting will also make contact with the customer at this time via mail, e-mail or fax to confirm receipt of prior two invoices and advise of past due status.
      2. Once the invoice has reached the 90 day outstanding marker, GGBC main office will contact customer and the customer’s accounts payable department via phone, e-mail or fax to see where the payment status is at that time. The customer will be advised that no further orders will be accepted until the matter has been settled.
      3. GGBC Accounting will send a statement of intent once the invoice has reached the 120 day outstanding marker. The intent will state that we are going to seek legal collections unless final payment has been received in the office no more than 10 days from the notice.
      4. GGBC Accounting will send the matter to collections on the 131st day of the invoice not being paid.

Billing questions and disputes: Any questions regarding the Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core (GGBC) invoices and billing should be directed to:

Kim Kelley
Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core
The University of Georgia
110 Riverbend Road, Room 161
Athens, GA 30602
Tel: (706)542-6409


UGA versus Non-UGA pricing: The status of a user in regards to UGA versus Non-UGA pricing is based on the funding source of their payment. Payments made with funds sourced from The University of Georgia academic units are considered UGA to GGBC. UGA pricing is also extended to members of the USG (University System of Georgia) institutions and the GRA (Georgia Research Alliance) colleges and universities in our state.

Non-UGA versus Commercial pricing: The status of a user in regards to Non-UGA versus Commercial is based on the type of institution who places the order. All government, educational and individual customers are considered Non-UGA to GGBC. All other customers that do not qualify for UGA or Non-UGA pricing will receive Commercial pricing.


Customer shall make all payments due to GGBC within thirty (30) days of receipt of an invoice from GGBC.

GGBC requires receipt of a Purchase Order from Customer before releasing data. Payment arrangements can include payment by check, credit card, wire transfer, or approved purchase order. Payment by check shall be made payable to “Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core at UGA”, and forwarded with a copy of the invoice to:

University of Georgia/ Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core
147 Coverdell Center
500 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602
To pay by credit card: click here for payment. 

Services for institutions outside of the United States must be pre-paid. Shipping charges and the US destination charges (customs entry fee, handling fee, duty,…) are to be paid by the customer. Country-specific taxes are to be paid by the customer and will not be included in any invoices generated by GGBC. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that services represented on an order match services represented on a quote. In the event that there is a discrepancy between services requested on an order and services represented on a corresponding quote, the services requested on the order take precedence. Billing will be based on services actually performed.