Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is a microfluidics-based platform for sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA and RNA. After loading the sample on the Agilent chip of choice, the sample moves through microchannels and sample components are electrophoretically separated. Smaller fragments migrate faster than the large ones. The fluorescent dye molecules intercalate into DNA or RNA strands. They are then detected by their fluorescence and translated into gel-like images (bands) and electropherograms (peaks).

Guide to the BioAnalyzer 2100 Assays and Chips (Click on picture to expand)

Please Note:  Please submit at least 5 µl of each sample in either strip-tubes and/or plates.

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  • The integrity of the total RNA sample is determined, and a RNA Integrity Number (RIN) is assigned to the sample. This should predict if an experiment such as RT-PCR or microarray will work.
  • RNA samples should be in deionized water and not more concentrated than specified below. Otherwise, the sample needs to be diluted in dH2O to the appropriate concentration. The Agilent Company clearly states that samples submitted in 50 mM Tris or 50 mM NaCl might influence the performance of the assay.
  • RNA 6000 nano kit: For estimation of RNA concentration, total RNA in sample must be between 25-500 ng/µl and mRNA sample concentration between 25-250 ng/µl. The qualitative range is 5-500 ng/µl for total RNA and 25-250 ng/µl for mRNA.
  • Small RNA kit: To analyze small RNA in the size range of 6 to 150 nt with a concentration between 50-2,000 pg/µl. Can detect total RNA between 10-100ng/µl.

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Bioanalyzer chipsUGA FeeNon-UGA FeeCommercial Fee
DNA 7500 (12 samples/chip)$93.00$110.00$117.00
RNA 6000 nano (12 samples/chip)$92.00$109.00$115.00
Small RNA (11 samples /chip)$113.00$134.00$142.00