Following UGA guidelines for Phase 1 of reopening, the GGBC will resume its operation next Monday 6/15. As you can imagine, there are over 60 projects in our system that we will resume working on them first. Please expect some delay as we work our way through these projects.

Our new rules are as following:

  1. No in-person communications with any of the GGBC team members. Calls, emails, and zoom meetings only.
  2. ONLY GGBC members are allowed in the labs and offices. This means:
  1. No scheduled usage of GGBC instruments. Customers who use some of GGBC instruments must submit orders and let the GGBC team do the work for them.
  2. Samples MUST be placed in the refrigerator located by the door of RM# 156 in the Riverbend North building.
  1. This is the ONLY drop off location.
  2. Masks must be worn when delivering samples.
  3. Gloves and 70% Alcohol are located by the refrigerator for them to use.
  4. After placing the samples, No NEED for any interactions with the team.
  5. Customers who are shipping samples to GGBC via mail couriers, must Not require signatures. We will email you when we receive the samples.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The GGBC team.