PacBio Sequel Sequencing

Sequel System: high-throughput, cost-effective access to SMRT Sequencing

The new Sequel System is based on Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) technology and is ideal for rapidly and cost-effectively generating high-quality whole genome de novo assemblies.

This innovative sequencing system features automated reagent and SMRT Cell handling and an integrated software suite.

Click here for more information on the PacBio Sequel instrument and its applications.

Free Consultation

Contact for Financial Inquiries and Quote Requests

Please use this link to send an email directly to Dr. Myriam Bélanger, Operations Director. In your email, include your full name, title, email address, institution, and a description of services that are needed. Be as specific as possible, so that she can more quickly assist you.

Contact for Genomics Consultation and NGS Technical Inquiries

Please use this link to send an email to Dr. Magdy Alabady for consultation on new or existing Genomics projects and for NGS technical assistance. Also, you can contact Dr. Alabady for assistance with grant proposals and for obtaining a letter of support from GGF.

Contact for Bioinformatics

GGF, as a part of the Quantitative Biology Consulting Group (QBCG), will provide bioinformatics support for your project. To request a free consultation, please contact Dr. Walt Lorenz, Lead Consultant, at 706-542-7974, or email at, or fill out the Meeting Request Form.

Sample Preparation

A minimum of 15 μg of high molecular weight DNA is requested, but if you cannot provide this amount, please contact us as we can work with less if necessary.

-The maximum volume should not exceed 130 μl as this is the upper limit for some of the DNA shearing protocols.

-Avoid eluting in RNAse-free H₂O or unbuffered solutions. Do not use nuclease-free water as this is insufficient for long-term DNA stabilization.

-Do not use TE buffer.

-DNA can be submitted in 10 mM Tris buffer PH 7.5 or PH8 or in the Elution buffer from the Qiagen kit.


Table 1. PacBio Sequel library preparation and SMRT cell run fees

ServiceUGA FeeNon-UGA FeeCommercial Fee
Large insert library (15 Kb-20 Kb)$670$791$1,005
Small fragments library (500 bp-4 Kb)$670$791$1,005
Library from amplicons (500 bp-4 Kb)Please inquirePlease inquirePlease inquire
Iso-Seq libraryPlease inquirePlease inquirePlease inquire
Barcoding for multiplexingPlease inquirePlease inquirePlease inquire
PacBio Sequel SMRT cell run (10 hour-movie per run)$1,150$1,357$1,725
Data Retrieval
  1. Primary analysis files will be transferred to customers through the GGF’s data distribution FEX server. The following files are an example of the primary analysis output files: • *.adapters.fasta • *.scraps.bam.pbi • *.subreads.bam • *.subreadset.xml • *.txt • *.scraps.bam • *.sts.xml • *.subreads.bam.pbi • *.transferdone.


  1. The primary analysis files will be permanently deleted from GGF’s data storage after 6 months from the data transfer date.