Dye-Labeled Size Standards

GGF 500ROX and GGF 1000ROX size standards available for purchase at GGF

The GGF offers Rox dye-labeled size standards from 88 to 435 bp for GGF500ROX and 88 to 1016 bp for GGF1000ROX. Both dye-labeled standards enable reproducible sizing of fragment analysis data from the 3730xl DNA Analyzer.

  • ROX™ dye-labeled
  • Fragment sizes for GGF500ROX are 88, 99, 114, 138, 160, 192, 210, 263, 315, 346, 371, and 435 bp
  • Fragment sizes for GGF1000ROX are the same as above plus 518, 570, 607, 683, 747, 806, 911, and 1016 bp
  • Use 1 µl in a 10 µl final volume for injection
  • Store stock at 4°C (short term) or -20°C (long term storage) in the dark
  • Order item GGF500ROX or GGF1000ROX in 150 or 450 µl from GGF
  • Up to 50% cheaper than competitors
  • Available same day as ordered
  • Upon request, GGF500ROX or GGF1000ROX can be added directly to the customer’s genotyping plate for a minimal fee
graph of result of test
500 ROX graph

Price per well for addition of size standard to ready-to-run genotyping plates

Size std.UGA feeNon-UGA feeCommercial fee

Price of the GGF500ROX and GGF1000ROX size standards

Size std.VolumeUGA feeNon-UGA feeCommercial fee
GGF500ROX150 µl$42.00$50.60$63.00
GGF500ROX450 µl$112.00$132.00$168.00
GGF1000ROX150 µl$59.60$70.35$89.40
GGF1000ROX450 µl$160.00$189.00$240.00

Delivery at any of our GGF drop off locations (List of locations) is at no charge, otherwise shipping charges will apply.