DNA Size Selection with the Blue Pippin

DNA Sample Preparation and Submission Process

The BluePippin can be used to size select DNA fragments of interest during NGS library preparation. The selection ranges are:

  • 100 to 250 bp
  • 100 to 600 bp
  • 250 to 1,500 bp
  • 1 to 50 kb

Four samples can be run per pre-cast disposable agarose gel cassette. Submit a maximum of 5 µg of sheared genomic DNA per sample in 30 µl of DNA in TE. The minimum amount of sheared DNA that can be used is 15 ng.

More information on the BluePippin can be found on the Sage Science website.


Prices and Quotes

Contact for Financial Inquiries and Quote Requests

Please email Kim and Elizabeth at ggbc@uga.edu, for financial inquiries or to request a quote. Be as specific as possible, so that they can more quickly assist you.

Table 1. Price for DNA size selection on the BluePippin (up to 4 samples per cassette)


The price of the run can be prorated if customers share a run. Otherwise, the full price as advertised above will be charged regardless of the number of samples submitted.