Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR)

Droplet Digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) provides high-precision, absolute quantification of nucleic acid target sequences. With extensive applications in both research and clinical diagnostics, ddPCR is an ultrasensitive approach while simultaneously removing PCR bias, and the need for standard curves.

DdPCR’s sensitivity lies in the water-oil emulsion droplet technology by counting nucleic acid molecules in a defined volume.


  • Absolute quantification: provides target DNA copies per input sample without the need of a standard curve applicable for viral load analysis, microbial quantification, etc.
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • Rare sequence detection
  • Gene expression and microRNA analysis
  • Next-Generation sequencing (NGS): increase sequencing accuracy by quantifying NGS sample library preparations (comparable to qPCR)
  • Single cell analysis
  • Genome edit detection: assess NHEJ (non-homologous end joining) and HDR (homology directed repair) products of CRISPR-CAS9, etc.
  • For more information please visit Bio Rad’s application guide: https://www.bio-rad.com/webroot/web/pdf/lsr/literature/Bulletin_6407.pdf

 About ddPCR:

  • Provides absolute nucleic acid quantification without requiring standard curves using Poisson statistics
  • Due to the nature of the droplet system, ddPCR is ultrasensitive which can be used for low-abundance targets, SNPS, complex backgrounds, etc. This proves more sensitive than typical real-time PCR
  • Removes PCR bias found when using qPCR

Droplet Digital PCR Guide

ddPCR Application Guide

Bio-Rad Assay Design Portal

Bio-Rad QX200 w/ADG ddPCR System

Consultation and Assistance

Since this is a machine with extensive, various applications, please contact Dr. Magdy Alabady (malabady@uga.edu) to discuss your project.


Sample Preparation

Depending on ddPCR application, this will be discussed in initial consultation.

Prices and Quotes

Table 1. Digital droplet PCR assays fees

ServiceUGA FeeNon-UGA FeeCommercial Fee
Assays in a single-plex design (EvaGreen or probe)(up to 8 samples)$173$205$217
Assays in a single-plex design (EvaGreen or probe)(Each additional 8 samples)$51$60.25$63.75
Assays in a single-plex design (EvaGreen or probe)(48 samples)$404$477$505
Assays in a single-plex design (EvaGreen or probe)(96 samples)$718$848$898
Assays in a multi-plex design (probe)(First 8 samples)$178$211$223
Assays in a multi-plex design (probe)(Each additional 8 samples)$56$66.25$70
Assays in a multi-plex design (probe)(48 samples)$437$516$547
Assays in a multi-plex design (probe)(96 samples)$784$926$980


These prices don’t include the cost of ordering the assay primers and probes from Bio-Rad. You can order them directly and deliver or ship them to us. To design and order the assay primers and probes, please visit the Bio-Rad Assay Design Portal.

After initial consultation, a price and quote can be provided for you.


Data Retrieval

Data will be zipped and shared via email. The ddPCR bio-rad software is readily available on their website.