Fragment Analysis

Fragment Analysis (Ready-to-Run Genotyping)

Please submit reactions & fluorescent DNA ladder in deionized formamide in semi-skirted plates. Samples can be prepared as follows: for a 96-well plate, mix 1 ml of high quality deionized formamide (ABI Hi-Di Formamide, Life Technologies, Catalog #4311320) with 100 µl of dye-labeled size standard. Aliquot 10 µl per well and then add 1 to 3 µl of diluted PCR product per well. Adding more than 3 µl of PCR product per 10 µl of formamide produces poor results, less is better (capillary machine can detect much less than can be detected on an agarose gel).

GGF sells 150 µl and 450 µl aliquots of ROX dye-labeled size standard compatible with the Ready-to-run genotyping service. If you prefer, you can send 1 µl of diluted fluorescent PCR products in 96-well plates and a GGF technician will add ROX 500, ROX 1000, or GeneScan Liz 500, or GeneScan Liz 600 size standard + formamide (see prices below).

When submitting a genotyping plate, you must specify which fluorescent chemistry you are using. As we have different protocols for 4-color [(FAM, HEX, NED, ROX), (FAM, JOE, NED, ROX), (FAM, VIC, NED, ROX)] and 5-color [FAM, VIC, NED, PET, LIZ], samples cannot be run until we know which chemistry was used. Do not mix 4 and 5-color on the same plate. If using ROX 1000, please choose ROX 1000 as your chemistry when completing the order form.

Sample Submission and Data Retrieval

Please go to the Genesifter page to submit your order and to retrieve your data. More instructions on how to submit your samples.

Current Price List

Service DescriptionUGA feeNon-UGA feeCommercial fee
Ready-to-run genotyping$72/plate$85.00/plate$90/plate
GGF 500 ROX size std$0.36/well$0.43/well$0.45/well
GGF 1000 ROX size std$0.42/well$0.50/well$0.53/well
GeneScan Liz 500 size std$0.80/well$0.95/well$1.00/well
GeneScan Liz 600 size std$0.80/well$0.95/well$1.00/well

Prices are subject to change without notice. To get a project cost estimate or to get a quote for a grant proposal, please contact GGF.