epMotion Automated Pipetting

EP Motion 5075 Equipment

The GGF has in its laboratory two state-of-the-art robotic platforms: epMotion 5070 and 5075. These robotic stations can perform highly repetitive pipetting with high speed, reproducibility, and high accuracy.  The precision of these machines is such that if set to 1 µl, the variation would be not by more than 0.05  µl.

  • Pipetting range from 1 to 1,000 µl
  • Tubes range from 0.2 ml PCR tubes to 50 ml tubes
  • Plates range from 8 to 96 and 384 wells
epMotion Applications
  • Please contact GGF to set up an initial consultation to use an epMotion automated pipetting station.
  • Each new project will incur a $50 charge to cover set up and supervision. Additionally, a $20/h fee to use the epMotion as well as a $17.00/box of tips will be charged.