Dye-Labeled Size Standards

GGBC 500ROX and GGBC 1000ROX size standards available for purchase at GGBC

The GGBC offers Rox dye-labeled size standards from 88 to 435 bp for GGBC500ROX and 88 to 1016 bp for GGBC1000ROX. Both dye-labeled standards enable reproducible sizing of fragment analysis data from the 3730xl DNA Analyzer.

  • ROX™ dye-labeled
  • Fragment sizes for GGBC500ROX are 88, 99, 114, 138, 160, 192, 210, 263, 315, 346, 371, and 435 bp
  • Fragment sizes for GGBC1000ROX are the same as above plus 518, 570, 607, 683, 747, 806, 911, and 1016 bp
  • Use 1 µl in a 10 µl final volume for injection
  • Store stock at 4°C (short term) or -20°C (long term storage) in the dark
  • Order item GGBC500ROX or GGBC1000ROX in 150 or 450 µl from GGBC
  • Up to 50% cheaper than competitors
  • Available same day as ordered
  • Upon request, GGBC500ROX or GGBC1000ROX can be added directly to the customer’s genotyping plate for a minimal fee
graph of result of test
500 ROX graph
Prices and Quotes

Contact for Financial Inquiries and Quote Requests

Please email Dr. Myriam Bélanger, Operations Manager, for financial inquiries or to request a quote. Be as specific as possible, so that she can more quickly assist you.

Price per well for addition of size standard to ready-to-run genotyping plates

Size std.UGA feeNon-UGA feeCommercial fee

Price of the GGF500ROX and GGF1000ROX size standards

Size std.VolumeUGA feeNon-UGA feeCommercial fee
GGBC500ROX150 µl$42.00$49.60$63.00
GGBC500ROX450 µl$112.00$133.00$168.00
GGBC1000ROX150 µl$59.60$70.50$89.50
GGBC1000ROX450 µl$160.00$189.00$240.00

Delivery at any of our GGBC drop off locations (List of locations) is at no charge, otherwise shipping charges will apply.