DNA Extraction & Purification

Chromosomal DNA purification can be performed at the GGBC using various techniques and on different sample types. Most of the DNA purification techniques can be done in single tube or in 96-well plate formatPlease do not hesitate to contact GGBC  for other questions regarding DNA purification techniques.


Saliva (Human or Animal)

Saliva can be collected using the Oragene•DISCOVER/saliva kits or using an in house technique with Scope mouthwash.

  • Oragene•DISCOVER/saliva kitsDNA Genotek logo

The Oragene•DISCOVER/saliva kits need to be bought by the customer directly from DNA Genotek. The Oragene•DISCOVER sample collection kit provides an all-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, transportation, and purification of DNA from saliva. When saliva is mixed with the Oragene•DISCOVER solution, the DNA is immediately stabilized. Oragene•DISCOVER/saliva samples are stable at room temperature for years without processing.

Furthermore, Oragene•DISCOVER/saliva samples can be stored indefinitely at -20°C, and can undergo multiple freeze-thaw cycles without deterioration of the DNA. Once collected, saliva samples can be shipped at room temperature to GGF for processing. For example, with product #OG-500, the DNA purified is resuspended in 1 ml of TE and a DNA concentration of 20-200 ng/µl should be obtained.

Please note that the Oragene DNA purifier solution (prepIT-L2P) is necessary for DNA extraction and needs to be purchased separately from the Oragene•DISCOVER kit. The amount of prepIT-L2P solution to be purchased is calculated based on your kit sample volume and number of samples you are submitting. More information.

Please ship your samples and prepIT-L2P solution to us in the same shipment so that we may fully complete your order.

Blood (Human or Animal)
  • Dry blood collected on cards

The FTA Elute Cards from Whatman are designed for room temperature collection, shipment, and purification of nucleic acids from blood samples for PCR analysis. The use of FTA Elute card is not recommended if DNA is needed for other purposes than PCR as the DNA yield is low.

Nasal Sample

Cattle nasal samples can be collected using the PG-100 Performagene LIVESTOCK collection kit (view manual). The animal’s nostril is rubbed with a swab/sponge.

Once the sample is collected, it is mixed with the Performagene.LIVESTOCK solution contained in a test tube and the DNA is then stabilized for 1 year. The sample can be kept at room temperature and shipped to GGBC for DNA extraction.

Please note that a Purifier PG-L1 solution necessary for DNA extraction will be supplied to the customer by the manufacturer and must be shipped to GGBC at the same time as the samples.

Other Samples

Some services not offered at GGF can be obtained by using one of our partners on the UGA Campus: The Molecular Diagnostics Section at the Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (AVDL). The AVDL has been providing molecular service to clients across the US for 14 years. All procedures have been standardized and are carried out by qualified and trained technical personnel.

Examples of acceptable samples:

  • Whole blood, buffy coat, cultured cells, tissues, rodent tails, buccal swabs, and dried blood spots.

The AVDL offers 96-well automated DNA extraction services for researchers at UGA. The high throughput extraction procedure is designed for purification of total DNA (genomic and mitochondrial DNA) from a wide variety of tissue samples. This extraction procedure provides high-quality DNA that is free of protein, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors. The DNA is suitable for direct use in downstream applications.

The AVDL also offers targeted extraction/enrichment for both bacterial and viral RNA and DNA from most sample types.

Please call (706-542-5568) or email (adlbact@uga.edu) the laboratory for a schedule and our very competitive range of prices.

Submit Samples

How to start a DNA Purification Project with GGBC and submit samples:

  1. Contact GGBC to discuss your project and to schedule shipping and receiving dates for your samples.
  2. Please go to the FBS Portal page to submit your order.
  3. Ship or bring your samples to GGBC at the address below. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5:00 pm.
  4.  Please go to the FBS Portal page to retrieve your data. Contact us to schedule a time to pick up your DNA samples.


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