BioNano Whole Genome Mapping

Bionano Whole Genome MappingBioNano’s unique and powerful Whole Genome Mapping technology rapidly generates high-resolution, ordered, whole genome restriction maps from ultra long single DNA molecules. Whole Genome Maps are generated de novo, independent of sequence information, and do not require amplification or PCR steps. The result is an easy-to-interpret view of the genome that reveals genome architecture in a single image.

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Table 1. Prices for High Molecular Weight DNA Purification

Service DescriptionUGA FeeNon-UGA FeeCommercial Fee
Plant DNA Purification (per sample)$1,621$1,913$2,432
Homogenous Tissue DNA Purification (per Sample)$1,621$1,913$2,432
Cell Line DNA Purification (per sample)$845$998$1,268

Table 2. Prices for BioNano Whole Genome Mapping on Irys Instrument

Service DescriptionUGA FeeNon-UGA FeeCommercial Fee
Project Assessment Fee$150$177$225
Project Management Fee$200$236$300
BioNano First Chip$5,372$6,339$8,058
Additional chip on same order and using same settings$1,725$2,036$2,588