There is a current opening for a “Laboratory Manager I” position at GGBC. Click here for more information.

Current Position Opening at GGBC The Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core, the University of Georgia’s core laboratory for nucleic acid sequencing and bioinformatics, invites applications for a Laboratory Manager I.  The primary duties will be associated with DNA sequencing services (Capillary, Illumina, and PacBio Sequel in...

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The price for Small RNA library preparation has been reduced, and this service is now more affordable! Click here to see prices..

Click to see Table 1. Illumina library preparation costs..   Table 1. Illumina library preparation costs Edit Illumina Compatible Library Type Number of Libraries that can be multiplexed together based on kit UGA Fee UGA Fee Non-UGA Fee Non-UGA Fee Commercial Fee Commercial Fee (Price per library for up to 12) (Price for each additional library) (Price per library for...

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